Regulations camping de Bergen

Dear IKW guest,

Welcome at Holidaypark De Bergen! To ensure everyone’s safety and also the enjoyment of others, we hereby draw your attention to the most important house rules during IKW.

Of course, our full house rules apply at all times, you can download this here:

Violation is at your own risk and will be strictly enforced by company management.

  • Use of alcohol only for 18+
  • Public drunkenness is not allowed, consuming alcohol is only allowed at designated catering points or at your own camping equipment
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or without a valid driving licence is not allowed
  • A vehicle should not be used as a means of transport on any terrain, only the use of non-motorised transport is allowed or walking. Exception only for participants in the sprint / buggy track and on strict instructions of the organisation
  • Use of a quad, electric scooter, hooverboard or any other (toy) vehicle along is not allowed on De Bergen grounds
  • After 22:00 there is a complete ban on driving on all IKW sites and holiday park, from then on the barrier is also closed.
  • Failure to drive at a walking pace when entering and leaving the park will result in the vehicle being denied access to the park
  • The permits for this event do not allow music installations and loud music from visitors, installations will be taken immediately for the entire weekend if used
  • Any form of (open) fire is prohibited (including fire bowl, fire basket, campfire, etc.)
  • If you leave (household) dirt behind on departure, this will be recovered from you via the organisation and costs will still be charged. Do not leave glassware and sharp objects behind, this is dangerous for others!
  • Glassware is only allowed in the catering outlets and at the camping site
  • If you have rented accommodation, leave it incl. outdoor space neatly tidy and empty
  • Treat nature, facilities, staff, local residents and guests who do not come for the IKW with respect!

We wish you a very nice and enjoyable weekend!

Holiday park De Bergen

38th International Beetle Weekend

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